I regret selling my niece for N250, 000, boy cries out



    The 26 year old Vulcanizer Stanley Anikwue who was recently apprehended by the Delta State  Police Command  for selling his little niece has finally opened up on the reason behind his action.

    The Police while parading him in Asaba said he culprit was arrested by officers of the State Anti robbery Squad while trying to flee to Asaba for onward movement to Calabar.

    Stanley had on  Sunday morning abducted and sold his niece Uche , a 5 year old primary 5 pupil for N250, 000 and was making plans to run away before the was caught by the long arm of the law.

    Little Uche was said to have finished having lunch with other member of the family and went to d backyard to urinate when Stanley captured and whisked him way to an unknown destination.

    The search for missing Uche was on for 3 days before a close relation who saw him and Stanley on a motorcycle the day the little boy went missing opened up.

    “I actually saw Stanley carrying Uche on his motorcycle, when I saw him I tried to flag him down and greet but he just looked towards my direction and continued o a very high speed, I just concluded all is not well with him but never gave it a second thought until I started hearing the little boy was missing.”

    Mother of the victim, who is a petty trader while recounting her ordeal said she passes through pains each time she remember the disappearance of her only son.

    “It was on a Sunday morning we have just finished breakfast in readiness to go to church, I had bathed him and dressed him up, while I was dressing up he step out through the back door, raising the edge of his clothe so I felt he was going out to urinate.”

    Explaining further, she said, when I was through, I locked up the house and went to the back yard to fetch him, I was so surprised that he was not there, so I called him severally but no answer. That was how the search for him began.’

    I cry every day and go through serious pain whenever I remember that the only child I have is no more, we have spent barely six months here in my maternal home because my husband chased I my son out of the house.

    As the search for little Uche intensified, Stanley went undercover, but that was short-lived when combine team of Vigilante and officer of the anti Robbery Squad lunched a manhunt for him.

    He was arrested on his way from Agbor to Asaba where he had booked a hotel and lodged his girlfriend.

    In his confessional statement, he narrated how he planned and executed the crime with the help of a friend called Alalibo who is still at large.

    “I was sitting in front of my shop one day when Alaibo came and told me that he will love to help me raise money to buy new vulcanizing machine after seeing how I was struggling with the one I was using, but said that it can only happen if I show enough courage and fearlessness because he hates fearful people.

    “I told him I was interested and that am not a fearful person, so he asked me to meet him in a particular joint that evening, when I got there he was already sited with a friend I never saw after that night, he offered me bottle of beer and began by saying I should never let him regret ever discussing business with him, I promised him he won’t have course to regret.”

    “He said the nature of business may look risky but that it will depend on the way I see it. He said that he has a friend who will be willing to buy human being and pay as much as N750, 000. After weighing the offer, I promised him that night I will do the business. He said when am ready I should call him.”

    Stanley who t this time went very emotional said that was how the capture his little nephew and took him to meet with Alalibo .

    “I took him on bike to Otulu, (a town, few kilometers to Asaba, the capital of Delta State) and handed him to them. They paid me N250, 000 instead of N750, 000 they said they will pay.

    Asked how he feels after been arrested, he said he regrets his action and asked for forgiveness.

    The police say it will charge him to court


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